5 strategies you should start using now for your Instagram marketing!

5 strategies you should start using now for your Instagram marketing!

No doubt content marketing is the backbone for your marketing strategies but what use if these contents, no matter how good, doesn’t attract enough traction to your blogs or product? It is a fact that humans process visuals thousand times faster than text alone because they are much more accustomed to grabbing the concept from visual presentations. So, what would you prefer, a textbook with images in it or a textbook with unending contents? It’s an obvious thing that you would require your school textbook to be more picturesque and not just words written in a disciplined fashion.

I believe, you now have the slightest idea of what we are talking about. Yes, marketing using IMAGE it is!!

Our main aim of writing well-researched content is for users to read about something which they are still not aware of, and we all try our level best to achieve the highest amount of traction from your contents. One thing that we need to have it inscribed in our mind is, it is not just your content that increases the engagement percentage but the images too that you have integrated with your contents. This combo here (IMAGE+CONTENT) can make a killer impression on users.

According to infographics from Jeff Bullas, be it E-commerce, Press materials, news content, political content or sports content, Articles containing relevant images have 94% more total views than articles without images, on average. Instagram and Pinterest are real examples of how can your Images be the face of your product. Instagram as of 2018 boasts a total of 1 Billion monthly active users with maximum users trying to market their product via images. Let’s take a look through some of the critical Instagram marketing strategies.

Instagram Business Profile Bios

BIO also referred to as About You is a section where you can add details about your product, work area, interests or any other piece of critical information that you believe is profitable for your business and should be shared with others. This section here is the most vital part of your Instagram business account as this solely accounts for the first impression that you are laying on users visiting. An excellent Instagram bio would in simple words show details about the solution that they are providing to users along with the link for their company website. Account owner needs to make sure that business bio should be catchy and at the same engaging enough for users to perform some activities and then scroll down through your posts. Well, the most challenging part is your Bio is limited to a total of 150 characters, so choose words for your business very carefully.

Making full use of Instagram features

You got to do your homework before you start using Instagram. I personally use each and every feature that Instagram provides because there is a reason why these functionality has been developed. Each feature in some or the other way connects you to 1 billion monthly active users and you wouldn’t want to miss any of them. Here is a compiled list of features this platform provides.

  1. At Instagram, you can post videos as long as a minute which could be anything, say an introductory video of your product or the pain of users your product is trying to solve. You are not limited to the type of video you are posting but it is to be kept in mind that this should be relevant.
  2. Posting stories at Instagram bring a great deal of difference to your marketing strategy. This little circle which is visible at the top of your follower’s news feed remains active for a total day from the time you have posted where you can track the number of users viewing your posted content. As of now, there is no limitation to the number of stories that you can post on Instagram. You can archive your posts at Instagram which is visible just to you and not the entire world. Just click on the three-dot sign on above and select archive from the list.
  3. Collections at Instagram is the container to save posts that you want to share with users later. Usually, when you go through social channels there are posts that relate to your product. Instead of saving them into your local machine, you can save them into the container and can post later.
  4. Another excellent feature at Instagram is Live Video. I must say that this feature needs to used very wisely because it accounts for your credibility and helps users know you in a more deeper level.
  5. agram TV is an alternative to live videos where users can post videos as long as an hour time. Once you post a video here, Instagram takes care of users to view this video by sending a notification to each of the followers.
  6. There are a lot more features on Instagram but it is not possible for me to discuss each of them here. Buckle up and explore the product as much as you can to make the fullest use of it.

Online Community

Social media is a network where the sole aim is to connect, interact and engage with different people whole over the world. If you want your product to grow and increase its value, you need to engage with users, discuss and collect their feedback about your product on daily basis, which is possible only when you have an online community. You need to understand that you are posting your imagery contents not just for the sake of posting but for users to look at it and share their thoughts on those particular post.

You must be now wondering as to how should I start community building. The most effective way to start with is HASHTAGS. We will be obviously discussing hashtags and how to use it in details bit later. Another effective technique is to engage on users feed by simply hitting the like button or by sharing your thoughts in their comments section. These little activities increase your engagement rate in an Instagram channel and ultimately a point comes in where users start interacting on your posts too. Start interacting now and grow your community.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective techniques of connecting with other Instagrammers. According to a study by Later, an average post containing hashtags can increase your engagement percentage by 12.6% than a post which doesn’t have any hashtags. Usage of hashtags can help you connect with other users who are still not aware of your product. They can help increase your reach, engagement, and followers at a totally different level you have just imagined of.

Wondering how many hashtags is best suited for a particular post? It depends! Normally 20+ hashtags are recommended for your feeds which need to be selected very wisely. If you are unsure on which hashtags can bring in more engagement to your post, there are a number of websites that can help you select perfect hashes for your post. Most common ones used are tagblender and hashtagsforlikes. For beginners, this is a perfect “#” destination. You may find here the most popular used hashtag for any field you want to post about, such as Art, Travel, Motivation, Sports, Festival, Fashion and many more.

Finally, what to post??

A perfect marketing plan is the one where you have solutions to all the scenarios below.

  1. What is it that we need to post for engagement?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. How to make sure my strategy is bringing a difference?

Ask these questions and perform a detailed research before starting with your social media marketing. Once you have answers to them, sort out the posts which seem to be relevant to your inferences.

Follow and learn

One of the most effective ways is to check out Instagram feeds of companies who have many followers and engage with users on daily basis. Zara, one of the leading company in Clothing and Fashion industry, I have been going through their Instagram feeds and can see that they have posted most of their contents only on the products that they sell where each post has a statement to support their images. Hope that you got the slightest idea of what to post, if not do a detailed research on what contents are users actually looking for. Use up your innovation to create your own images and post them. But do remember to keep your audiences engaged for all your posts.

Source: Zara’s Instagram Profile

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