Facebook Wi-Fi: A great way to increase your page likes, check-ins, and engagement

Facebook Wi-Fi: A great way to increase your page likes, check-ins, and engagement

If you (or your client) own any brick-and-mortar store and have been trying hard to spread the word on facebook you should try offering free wifi to your walk-in customers in exchange for page likes or check-ins, which will, in turn, drive more customers to your store!

But how do you ensure that your walk-in customers only get free wifi access if they actually engage with you online? You can either keep an employee to creepily see everyone’s Facebook App and only give wifi passwords to those who like your page or, preferably, use Facebook Wifi

How Facebook WiFi can help your brand

What is Facebook Wifi?

Facebook Wifi is a great way to increase Facebook engagement! It enables your walk-in customers to interact with your page or check-in to your business using their Facebook credentials and get free WiFi access from you in return.

How does it work?

  1. You set up a WiFi network using your own internet connection & router.
  2. Walk-in customers connect to the network and check in to your place on Facebook using their account.
  3. Once they have checked in successfully, they get free wifi access.
  4. You get demographics based on age group, gender, peak hours etc. and get to know your customers better.
  5. Check-ins and likes drive more engagement on Facebook, which would eventually result in more walk-in customers!

What do I need?

  1. An active internet connection with good internet speed.
  2. A router that supports Facebook WiFi.

How do I find a supported router?

  1. Facebook has a list of all the routers which support Facebook Wifi.
  2. We personally recommend one of the Netgear routers, specifically the Netgear WAC505 which has a decent signal strength and costs only about $90 compared to the others which are much more expensive.

If you get a chance to implement Facebook WiFi for your location, do let us know about your experience in the comments below, or on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

If you need any help with your social media growth, join the social media help and support facebook group — our friendly community will definitely help you out!

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