What F8 2019 announcements change for social media managers

What F8 2019 announcements change for social media managers

Almost every year Facebook holds F8, intended for people who build and develop services around the platform and its products. They usually introduce a lot of new features and make new announcements at the conference. Facebook just wrapped up their annual developer conference “F8 2019” on 3rd May 2019 and announced a variety of updates and changes on all three platforms owned by the company – Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp.

Facebook f8 2019

Let’s see, one by one, what these updates are and how they affect digital marketers.

1. The future is private

Mark Zuckerberg’s focus was on improving privacy for Facebook and all other products, he started the conference by saying that “we’re going to talk about building a privacy-focused social platform”.

  • Zuckerberg compared a shopping mall vs. our own house and said that Facebook was focused on building the digital equivalent of a town square, or a shopping mall and now they want to focus on building a living room.
  • Facebook also said that there need to be more ways to interact privately and over time a private platform will become more important than a public one.
  • They have rolled out further changes to their developer program which will make it harder for third-party developers to misuse Facebook’s data.

Facebook f8 2019

2. LightSpeed Messenger

Since privacy is one of the major focus for this, and the coming years, Facebook will be launching many new features for it’s Messenger platform.

  • Their primary goal is to reduce the size of the app to less than 30 MB and make it faster than any other messaging app out there, including Whatsapp.
  • Later this year they will release appointment booking through the messenger app where businesses can provide their availability for users to select appointments.
  • Messenger will also get lead generation templates directly into the platform where users will be able to enter their details and then chat with either a bot or live agents.
  • The new Messenger will also highlight your “close friends” and allow you to watch videos together with your friends.
  • In a few months, Facebook is launching a great new desktop app for Windows and Mac OS, both of which will feature chat and video chat.
  • Integrating all applications together, soon you will be able to see directly on messenger, the posts your friends have shared with you on Instagram

3. New ways to interact on Whatsapp

Facebook claims that Whatsapp is already like your “digital living room” so they are concentrating on more ways to interact with friends and businesses on the platform.

  • Whatsapp will soon allow businesses to create product catalogs and share them with users to quickly give insight into what is available
  • Payment integration has already launched in India and will be rolling out all over the world
  • Zuckerberg classifies these features as “Private Commerce” & claims that the domain has a huge future and will become big very soon.

4. Communities

Facebook realizes that communities are as important as friends and are enhancing the app as well as the website.

  • Groups will become more important and upfront on the app as well as the website, it will become easier to share and interact within groups. There will be a new groups tab with better find and discover tools.
  • Groups are will be at the heart of the experience just like friends and family, while Facebook will remove groups very proactively if they violate any policies.
  • Zuckerberg claims that this will be the biggest change to Facebook for a few years.

5. Instagram bets big on e-commerce

Zuckerberg says that while browsing products is a public thing, transacting is a very private activity.

  • With this idea in mind, Instagram is adding the ability to buy directly from the creator’s photos. They will start testing it with a few influencers and will then launch the feature publicly.
  • Soon, the app will also have in-app checkout with which people can make a purchase and complete the transaction without leaving the app at all.
  • You’ll be able to create fundraisers on Instagram itself through donation stickers.

Facebook f8 2019

6. Other announcements

Facebook is getting big on Augmented Reality & launching its Spark AR platform for Windows & Mac OS, they are also launching AR for Instagram in beta. After a huge success in the US, the hands-free video calling device, Portal, will now be launched in Canada and a few countries in Europe with end-to-end encryption in video calls. Facebook is launching two Virtual Reality products – Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. Quest is the first completely wireless VR headset which will be available from next month.

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