Your favourite Social Media Management tools to skyrocket your business!

Your favourite Social Media Management tools to skyrocket your business!

This post was originally published on Medium a few weeks back. Here we talk about popular social media tools and how can they help you

“Social tools are not just about giving people a voice, but giving them a way to collaborate, contribute and connect” — John Stepper

I bet you accept the fact that social media marketing in itself is inordinate where some new ideas to deliver your product in a different manner pops up each and every day. But is it possible for you to use them all? Well, if you are a company with immense profit in your quarters, you hold the ability to try each one of them. But what about early stage startups or small and mid-sized business?

As your marketing strategy, you probably publicise numerous post each day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social media channels. Not just posting but you also create your own content and publish them on these social media channels for your product to gain the amount of traction it deserves. But wait, this is just the start! Other activities that is still not taken into account such as tracking your post or generating detailed analysis is performed on daily basis to understand the outcome of your marketing strategy. With so many tasks for you each day, wouldn’t that become devastating at some point?????

Yes, that’s when social media tool comes into the picture.

Social media tool moves forward with a vision of 3 C’s as mentioned by John Stepper in earlier mentioned quote of his.

  • Collaborate
  • Contribute
  • Connect

Social media tool simply put is web application that helps automate and deliver your marketing efforts in best possible way. To have a better insight and decide which social media tool is a best fit for your product, I have here a consolidated list of best used social media tools along with its pricing model that can help track your strategies and proliferate your business to a whole new different level.


I personally use this tool each day!! Buffer, I believe is the first social media tool that is used by any social media marketing service providers. This here is a one stop platform that helps you manage all your social channels in one place. It makes marketing handy for all business types and can help marketing team schedule and publish post at their required times. One can also track insights, create reports for each of the posts publicised from Buffer using Buffer analytics functionality and see how your particular post is performing at any social channel. In addition to these, you can add total of 25 members from your marketing team to company’s Buffer account and provide access levels to each of them for posting on your social channels. Recently, Buffer has provided a new feature to streamline your Instagram marketing process and also get an chrome extension of their website. Now coming to the pricing (, Buffer comes with two plans which are Starter Plan and the Business Plan.

Starter plan for Buffer contains

  • Free Model (free for lifetime) wherein you can connect 3 social accounts and schedule 10 posts per account.
  • Pro Model charging 15$ per month wherein you can connect 8 social accounts and schedule 100 posts per account.

Business plan for buffer depends on the size of the organisation. Yes you read that right! Inside Business Plan, there is

  • Small sized business plan charging 99$ per month wherein you can connect 25 social accounts and schedule 2000 posts per account.
  • Medium sized business plan charging 199$ per month wherein you can connect 50 social accounts and schedule 2000 posts per account.
  • Large sized business plan charging 399$ per month wherein you can connect 150 social accounts and schedule 2000 posts per account.

Another great thing about their pricing model is, Buffer provides a free trail of 7 days for their plans in Starter model and free trail of 14 days for their Business model. Make full use of the free trial period and decide why Buffer would be the best choice for your marketing plan.

Source: Buffer

Source: Buffer


Hootsuite was developed back in 2008 by Ryan Holmes with the core idea based on Social Media Management. Hootsuite was aimed at building an platform that provided unified dashboard for Social media management to its users. Using this service, users can connect to various social channels integrations such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, Marketo and many more.

Hootsuite helps schedule posts on each your connected platform and publish them on the time-frame specified by users. In addition to that, another advantageous factor is analytics on each of the connected platforms are available for users at Hootsuite. With the help of this unified dashboard, you can track your marketing efforts and understand if your marketing strategies are bringing up the required traction or not. Hootsuite comes up with 4 pricing structure for their users depending on the usage.

  • Professional plan with a charge of 19$ per month.
  • Team plan with a charge of 99$ per month.
  • Business plan with a charge of 19$ per month.
  • Enterprise plan with a charge depending on users requirement. You need to contact Hootsuite team for the pricing.

Hootsuite provides 30 days free trail plan for users to try out their platform and decide why Hootsuite is the game changing social media management platform for them.

Source: Hootsuite

Source: Hootsuite


Frankly speaking, Buzzsumo idea is one of the game changing ideas I have ever come across which aims to build one stop platform for content writers. Using this platform, users can perform their research and monitor which contents is being shared the most across all social media platforms. Content writers have the functionality to enter their domain type or any other domain type of their interest and then perform research on what type of content is being shared the most on that particular domain. Ultimately, you are able to find related contents along with the influencers sharing these related posts. Once you have the results handy, you can make a detailed analysis on these most shared contents, research more on your competitors post and then write up accordingly. The pricing structure for Buzzsumo is broken as follows.

  • Pro plan with a charge of 79$ per month.
  • Plus plan with a charge of 139$ per month.
  • Large plan with a charge of 239$ per month.
  • Enterprise plan with a charge of 499$ + per month. “+” here is the extra amount charged for custom plans from users.

NOTE: You can save 20% on your yearly subscriptions. And all plan mentioned above has a free trial for 7 days.

Source: Buzzsumo

Source: Buzzsumo

Sprout Social:

Sprout social is another social media management tool which is currently being used worldwide by 24000+ brands. They have covered wide range of industries such as digital marketing, tech, education etc. where users use this platform to improve the efficiency and performance of their business and organisation. This tool provides users to connect to different social media channels from the same platform and schedule contents for publishing. Other set of features that is provided by Sprout Social platform is users can check the in-depth analytics of each posts and can track the performance of their contents, campaigns across all the connected social media profiles. One of the most innovative feature at Sprout Social is the SMART INBOX wherein you can redirect all the messages received on your social media platforms to Sprout Social smart inbox. By this you can never miss out any messages sent to you on your social channels and keep your user engagement rate high. The pricing structure for Sprout Social is pretty straightforward and is listed below.

  • Premium plan with a charge of $99 per user per month.
  • Corporate plan with a charge of $149 per user per month.
  • Enterprise plan with a charge of $249 per user per month.
  • NOTE: All plan mentioned above has a free trial for 30 days.

Source: Sprout

Source: Sprout


IFTTT stands for “If This Then that”. To put this is in simple words, overall concept is if any particular event is taking place then automatically the second and third related event would be activated. This is one of the best platforms I have come across where the main idea is to automate your marketing process and save you thousands of hours. Let me give you an example so that you can get a better insight of how IFTTT concept works. In this web portal, you first create a recipe. A recipe is set of instructions that is followed whenever a particular event is executed. Say you have created a recipe where, whenever you post an image on Instagram, the same post will also be posted on Pinterest and Tumblr. Checkout the recipes on IFTTT website, and implement into your marketing strategy. For IFTTT pricing structure basically has three plans in place which are

  • Lite
  • Basic
  • Enterprise
  • For Basic and Enterprise, you need to contact sales team to review your requirements or recipe and then come up with perfect pricing structure. Lite plan is Coming Soon but you are free to Join wait list.

Source: IFTT

Source: IFTT


Are you a lazy social media marketer? MeetEdgar is the social media tool you are looking for. This is one of the most used social media platform where the main idea is to make sure that your social media accounts are updated each and every time, even if you are not posting anything. To start with, you need to connect your favourite social media accounts on MeetEdgar platform and then add contents. Contents are placed in respective categories for you to share them later. Moving forward, you can check your Library which in other terms can also be referred to as a queue where the posts are saved in the order of publishing. You can also add RSS feed from your favourite website for Edgar to fetch data from and add it to the library for posting later. Final step is to create a schedule and let Edgar publish your post from the library as per your schedules. Pretty awesome!!!

MeetEdgar charges you a total of $49 per month for their services, you can opt for annual pricing too.

Source: MeetEdgar

Source: MeetEdgar


Bitly, a link management platform needs no introduction. It is one of most used URL shortener which is calculated to shorten almost 600 million links per month. These shortened link are later used in social networking, emails, SMS, blogs etc. This here is totally free service and can be used after signup. Another most advantageous factor of Bitly is that you can customise these shortened URL’s as per your requirement. At Bitly, you can collect insights; you can track number of times your particular shortened link has been clicked, you can also assess how your link is performing. Overall Bitly provides you functionality to track each individual shortened link analytics.

Source: Bitly

Source: Bitly


Agorapulse is another king in the social media management world. As per finances online, AgoraPulse is an social community and moderation tool that helps business manage all their social network profiles. The platform is built to help businesses consolidate messages from different sites, publish new posts, as well as monitor their standing on top social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

The main aim of this platform is for users to make sure that they aren’t missing out any posts on any of your social channels. It also takes care of the messages that is being sent to any social channel inbox by getting them redirected to agorapulse and make user aware of this in form of notifications. The most important functionality of AgoraPulse social media management tool is its Unified Dashboard wherein you can monitor each and everything happening on your social channels.

Pricing structure for AgoraPulse has been normally structured into 4 different plans which is mentioned below.

  • Small Plan (Best for Solos) charged at total of $49 per month.
  • Medium Plan (Best for Small Business) charged at total of $99 per month.
  • Large Plan (Best for agencies) charged at total of $199 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan (Best for Large Organisations) charged at total of $299 per month.
  • Agorapulse provides a free trial of 14 days for each of the plan mentioned above.

Source: AgoraPulse

Source: AgoraPulse


Brand24 is an AI based social media management and a real time application tool that helps their users know whenever their brands are mentioned online either in a blog or in any social media channel. It gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web ranging from social networks to influential publishers.

The mentions here are based on Sentiment Analysis by the help of which you can figure out which of your mention has been positive, which mention has been negative and which one is neutral mention. Brand24 also acts as a listening tool which helps user find leads and can give you an overview as to on which geographical locations do you need to promote your product. As mentioned on Brand24 landing page, they have made sure that you find customers before they find you! Pricing strategy for Brand24 is broke down to three plans mentioned below.

Plus plan at $49 per month for 5 keywords. Premium plan at $99 per month for 10 keywords. Max plan at $399 per month for 25 keywords. Brand24 provides a free trial of 14 days for each of the plan mentioned above.

Source: Brand24

Source: Brand24

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