Getting less engagement on Twitter?

Getting less engagement on Twitter?

Try out these 5 Twitter marketing strategies and double your engagement now!

Twitter, Facebook and google are the trifecta of marketing for authors(and bloggers — Guy Kawasaki

How much engagement do you think can marketing with just mere 280 characters would bring out to your product? I say “MILLIONS”. This idea of minimum characters communication initially was started by an undergraduate whose aim was to develop a service where users via SMS that has a limit of 140 characters can communicate with a specific group of people. The name “TWTTR” was given earlier to this project and that later turned to Twitter. Jack Dorsey, the founder of twitter quoted that “We came across the word ‘twitter’, and it was just perfect. The definition was ‘a short burst of inconsequential information,’ and ‘chirps from birds’. And that’s exactly what the product was”. Thanks to Wikipedia for this information!!

Twitter grew at an amazing rate. Statista has done an awestruck research on Twitters growth. Take a look below at the number of monthly active users worldwide from 2010 up until 2018 where the graph says it all, and there is just one word for it WOW! Users actually understood the potential of this tool and as a result, today this platform needs no introduction.

Twitter Trends

Twitter, a 280 character marketing platform is now one of the most used social media platform for marketers. This platform at present boasts a total of 326 million active monthly users in which millions of contents are posted each day. These contents are also referred to as Tweets in which the magic of engagement happens. To start with, Twitter has a very simple signup process compared to any other social media platform I have ever used. This platform requires just handful of information of your company but the later part of using it wisely is bit tricky. Let me roll you down with some of the most important points that can help create a right twitter marketing plan for your product.

Building a Twitter Profile:

It’s said that in the world of marketing, the very first step to grow your product online is having an excellent company profile. This is like the first impression anyone would have for your product when they visit your profile.

So, what would you like, Users to just visit your profile and fly away or them to engage with your profile? It’s obviously to engage with your profile. Ask yourself this question, why would someone engage with you or even look at your profile despite their hectic schedule. Find an answer to this and then craft your company profile in a way that it creates an interest in users visiting your profile.

Remember, you have to do wonders in just 160 words which is the character limit for your twitter page profile description. Your company page description in itself should shoot the idea of your product and also why your users need it. It’s an excellent practice to add some twitter hashtags into your product that seems relevant to your company description. Take a look at the Smooper’s twitter page below where they have this combination of words and hashtags for their company description.

Other important parameters apart from description is your twitter handle, location, link to your company webpage and your founding date. The key is to humanize your product as much as you can. Do remember to enter accurate information here because these parameters plays a very important role in increasing the authenticity and credibility of your product.

Setting Business goals and Objectives on Twitter:

Setting objectives and goals for your business is the most important part of your marketing strategy. You need to understand what you are trying to achieve and how long would it take before starting with your implementations. In the same way when you are marketing your product on twitter, you need to figure out the reason behind you choosing Twitter social media marketing platform. Is it just for the publicity of your product to increase product awareness or are you trying to grow your user base using Twitter. Once you have all the answers handy, you can then start with crafting your marketing strategy in way that helps your product meet company’s objective and business goals.

Another important thing we wouldn’t want to miss here is measuring your goals. You need to keep track of and compare your current goals with what you have achieved earlier because it is possible that your twitter marketing strategy that worked 6 months ago will do the same wonders now.

So, make sure to create a flexible twitter marketing strategy that can be moulded easily in any market type and would bring in the amount the engagement you have aimed for your product.

Your product competitors on Twitter:

Ideas are flowing in 20th century and there are probably 20 of you with the same idea in market. In order to survive, you need to market your product in a way that is different from all of them. And to do so, you need to research on what are your competitors sharing on daily basis and which type of twitter posts are bringing them greater amount of engagement. With all these information on your competitors post, you can try reaching out to all who have engaged and increase your product awareness.

Increasing your product awareness to these targeted audience would make sense because they are the type who are actually looking for your solution. Follow them and show why your product is a good fit for them. It may sound bit odd but this is one of the strategy present in everyone’s marketing plan.

Your twitter posting time:

Timing plays a very important role in your social media marketing strategy. To get the most out of your content, one must perform an in depth research on what are the best time to post your content on any social media platform. I mean, it wouldn’t make sense to post about your potential content when your targeted audiences are probably sleeping or busy working.

I earlier used to work with an organisation which was just a seed in startup jungle where I was advised to post relevant contents at social media platforms. I was pretty new to this, some of my posts used to bring in a lot of engagement and probably conversions too but other posts, I feel ashamed to even mention the impressions it used to bring on twitter.

After a thorough research and comparing the posts timing, for twitter I believe 1–3 PM on weekdays are the best time to post your contents. It seriously takes your engagement level to a whole new different level. Later I started reading more on timings and really found SproutSocial’s research to be perfect, just loved their post. According to Sprout Social,

For normal posts, Friday 9 to 10 AM is the best time, whereas the best times to post tweet are everyday 10 am to noon. For non profit organisations, Thursday at noon and Friday 11 am to noon are the best timings. Users can also post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday between 10 AM to 2 PM. If you wish, you can also explore timings for other type of markets such as Education, Healthcare, Consumer goods etc. here on Sprout Social blog.

Making Videos on Twitter

If you want to have a successful business and make the most out of Twitter, you need to very carefully choose your contents. You need to devise methods where your tweets can stand out of millions of tweets getting posted each day.

One of the most known important marketing strategy that can help your product get enough traction on Twitter is to publish video about your products or any events that you feel is relevant to your product. It is a fact that human minds can understand your content hundred times faster if you have a video in it.

Twitter basically allows you to post a video that has a total duration of 140 seconds. It may seem very little time but believe me you will be amazed by the amount of engagement this 140 second video post is capable of bringing.

I personally recommend early stage startups to not just share text posts but to start publishing videos on twitter right now. This can really help grow their business 4x times faster than the expected time-frame. Research states that, your video tweets would almost double your engagement rate than just a normal post.

So, buckle up now and start making innovative videos. Do share your thoughts in comment section for any other strategies you feel can be helpful in marketing via twitter channel.

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