4 great tips to get started with social media for your business

4 great tips to get started with social media for your business

Social media management is becoming harder every day. The best way to start doing that is to start learning. There are some amazing resources you can use which will help you create a social media strategy and then act on it. Whether you are starting out a Facebook page for your brand, an Instagram business account or a twitter account, check these tips out to help you do well!

1. Learning

  1. I would suggest you do a basic free course on Facebook Advertising (even if you are not ready for investing money on social yet). It’s available on the Facebook Blueprint Website
  2. Follow some popular blogs like Buffer’s Awesome Blog and Social Media Examiner
  3. Join a few facebook groups on this topic. We have a group called Social Media Help & Support where the community tries to help social media newbies and experts alike.

2. Humanization, Practice & Perseverance

  1. Do not end up buying followers or likes — they will only end up spoiling your reach and engagement in the long-term.
  2. Practice writing good posts, good content and take feedback from experts.
  3. It takes time for a new business to gain followers, and more time to have those followers interact with you regularly — perseverance is the key here — keep posting great content till you reach that level.

3. Automate or not to automate

  1. Automation is great, but make sure you do not over-automate and make your followers feel that they’re talking to a bot.
  2. Buffer and Hootsuite are the most popular tools for basic automation, even if you use them, make sure you have all the accounts added on your phone and get notifications when someone comments or replies. Make sure to engage.

4. Offline Events

  1. Use tools like Meetup to organize offline events where people can connect with you.
  2. Websites like Meetup also help you find events happening in your area of interest, see if any event suits your industry and attend the event.
  3. Automation needs to complement the human and make their work easier for managing social media, never to replace it.

5. Expert help

  1. If you feel social will drive most of your business and get you leads but you’re unable to get strategies working, you can try getting expert help.
  2. PS: If you feel like you need it, then please check out our platform — we help you get consultations with trustworthy, professional social media experts according to your requirements :)

If you need any help with social media, join our facebook group by clicking here and our community will definitely help you out!

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