5 incredible ways to build contacts in 2019

5 incredible ways to build contacts in 2019

We all know that networking is the best form of marketing, here are 5 ways you can network and build contacts.

1. Content

  1. There are many tools which help you create content and publish it online. Medium is one of the most famous and it also helps people discover your content.
  2. You can create your own blog using open source or free tools like Jekyll, WordPress or Hexo. When people read your blogs, they will connect with you directly.
  3. You can also do guest blogging and create contacts through that.
  4. Try creating short videos and podcasts instead of blogs, visual content will appeal to your new generation customers. This blog by Neil Patel explains content marketing strategies really well, especially the visual content section.

2. Social Media

  1. Find influencers in your domain and follow them, try to get their attention and build relationships.
  2. Build strategic partnerships — if you provide content writing services, find brands which provide web designing and see if you can post each other’s content.

3. Build a community

  1. Get involved in posts on websites like Quora, join Facebook groups, Linkedin groups and participate in discussions.
  2. Try building your own community of interested followers, friends, and fans.

4. Offline Events

  1. Use tools like Meetup to organize offline events where people can connect with you.
  2. Websites like Meetup also help you find events happening in your area of interest, see if any event suits your industry and attend the event.

5. Get out there!

  1. Nothing can beat you physically going out there and talking to people! Join conferences related to your industry and attend all meet and greet sessions around the conference.
  2. Participate in workshops (even if you know your subject!). Workshops are a great way to discover like-minded people.

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