5 social listening steps you can take without paying for expensive tools

5 social listening steps you can take without paying for expensive tools

Social Listening has become a buzzword everyone’s been talking about. In this article, we give you 5 simple social listening steps which you can take right now without paying for any tools.

1. Identify your industry influencers and follow them

With influencer marketplaces like Brand24, there are thousands of influencers a single click away. You sign up for free, enter your keywords, and get a list of influencers in your niche to hire.

Brand24 lets you search for influencers for free with keywords

Once you have found your set of influencers, just follow them and see what they are talking about (you only have to pay if you hire them so it’s free) — but be careful of scammers, this strategy only works if they are genuine influencers.

This will give you an idea of what’s going on in your industry and help you take marketing decisions.

2. Listen to your competitors

Create a private list of all your competitor’s social media accounts and spend some time every week learning from them.

  1. How do they respond to positive or negative comments?
  2. Do they have a clear strategy?
  3. Are they using surveys, competitions etc. and if yes is that helping them get engagement?
  4. Which content is doing really well?

The questions above can give you a starting point in listening to your competition, remember that your competitor’s followers are your potential followers.

3. Social Selling

Imagine if you tweet about a problem in your old iPhone, and Apple replies to your tweet by giving you a 30% discount on buying the new iPhone with an exchange. Whether you want to sell your kidney for a new iPhone is completely your decision, but you’ll definitely feel nice about the reply.

That is social selling, look out for opportunities where you can let your potential customers know about offers, products, services, and pricing by identifying a **need **and acting on it.

It’s a little taxing to identify these without the use of third-party tools, but for starters, you can do this by simply following certain hashtags on channels like Twitter & Instagram.

4. Join industry specific LinkedIn & Facebook Groups

Groups have opened up new domains for customers to interact, help and share grievances with each other. These are places created by users to interact in a closed space without the fear of spam or criticism.

Joining these groups would give you a lot of insight about all the products/services in your industry. If you participate in these groups by helping users out with your knowledge, your engagement would also increase because many times people would want to know who helped them, which can lead them to your profile and then to your company.

For example, this Photography group would be a great one to be a member of if you own a stock images website

5. Focus on your customers and not on channels

It is very easy to lose focus and start concentrating on one or two specific channels like Instagram or Facebook.

As you listen for mentions, problems and questions make sure you are not just focusing on one channel.

Keep a tab on other less frequent channels as well — like TripAdvisor for hotels, Yelp or Zomato for restaurants, ProductHunt for SaaS startups etc.

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