5 incredible techniques for a winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 incredible techniques for a winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it”- Erik Qualman

I love this quote above! If we look closer, it emphasizes the fact that no matter what product you hold onto your court or how much of a billion your idea is, YOU NEED SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

Today in the era of 2K’s, if you want your idea to succeed, you must have a full-fledged, tried and tested social media strategy that can help you target audience who are looking out for your solution and at the same time also increase the credibility of your product.

Summing it up, Social Media Marketing here is the most vital step to the success of your company.

Recently, I was checking social media demographics for 2018 and to my astonishment, the number of users using social media is breathtaking. More than 3 billion users today, that accounts to a little less than 30% of world total population, are active on social media. Hard to believe!

According to Spredfast, Facebook leads the game with 2 Billion monthly active users followed by Youtube that has 1 Billion monthly active users, Instagram accounts to 800 Million monthly active users, Pinterest no less than 200 Million monthly active users, Twitter has a whopping 317 Million monthly active users, Linkedin stands out with 106 Million monthly active users and Snapchat with 300 Million Active users.

3 billion active social media users

1. Community to engage your audience:

One of the best strategies for social media marketing is having a community for your product that provides a networking platform for users to interact with you on regular basis and share their feedback about your product.

This platform helps your brand build a relationship with users and show them how much credibility does your product hold. We are talking about making real connections here and these connections are the most important marketing asset.

If you want your product to be valued in the market, your customer should feel valued too because at the end of the day it’s your customer who talks about your product with different users who are still not aware of your solution.

If the engaging goes perfect, just imagine how much would your product flourish with above-stated demographics.

Never let your customer feel unattended

2. Research your competitors:

Everyone loves fishing! Hell yeah, I would like to spend my time fishing on off days but what if you try fishing in a pond that has no fish? Or what if you are choosing a wrong bait?

In the same way, what use are your posts if you are trying to market your product where users don’t need it or what use is your product if you post irrelevant topics.

The best strategy here is to research your competitor beforehand and track what posts are getting users attracted to use their solution. It doesn’t mean that you steal your competitor’s idea!

The key is to get inspired from them and learn what actually is making your competitors successful. Obviously, your competitors are in an excellent place now and you wouldn’t have that amount of money to spend on marketing but you need to believe that other products also started from scratch. Try to analyze as much as possible and then create excellent contents using your imagination.

3. Select your social channels:

Picking up social channels for marketing is the most important strategy for any product.

Today more than 30% of the world’s population is using a different type of social media platform depending on the type of product they have. I am foodie and love to post about my experiences with restaurants, the taste, and the aromas. But imagine me posting it on Linkedin, a blunder isn’t it?

It’s not necessary for you to have signed up on all the available social media platforms because the content that seems relevant to Linkedin and Twitter may seem irrelevant on Pinterest and Instagram. This, in turn, creates a post-ignoring environment where users are no longer taking your content seriously. You obviously wouldn’t want that!!

To analyze and pick up those social channels that you believe could provide an environment for your product to grow because that’s where your real customers are.

4. Tracking:

Tracking insights such as reach, location, clicks, signup of your campaigns is the most vital strategy for social media marketing.

You would obviously want to track how well is your campaign doing and how many users has it reached or else you wouldn’t know if this particular post has engaged your audience or not. By tracking, you can make sure if your marketing strategy assumptions actually did work or not or have you just wasted your budget.

It’s really important that you track the outcomes of each campaign and then devise a strategy to create another one even better than this. This will help you not curb the improvement curve which is now the reason for most of the failed ideas.

There are platforms available that can help you automate your tracking process such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Sproutsocial etc, that give you a unified view of how your campaigns are performing. I would advise you to make full use of these platforms when you are in a growing stage and later.

5. Reevaluate strategies:

There is always a room for improvement! It’s not necessary that social media marketing strategies working in 2017 could do the same wonders in upcoming years.

Brainstorming on your current marketing campaign to make this, even more, better is one of the most important strategies in increasing your social media presence.

The key here is to tuck up your sleeves and set monthly meetings with your marketing and sales team to evaluate how is your company marketing strategy doing and what more can be done to reach out a number of users and convert sales graph that all has only dreamt of.

Keeping in mind that good things take time to show results, social media marketing won’t drive results in a single day. You need to continuously keep on experimenting your marketing strategies to find a perfect one. Key here is to have patience, stay consistent and keep growing.

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