The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing

Humans have always been known as inquisitive beings. Our desire for knowledge and quest for intellectual satisfaction have supervened in modern-day technological advancements, with the prime aim of making our lives comfortable. The focus of most advancements has been to relegate the task force of humans and substitute it with automation to speed up processes and in many cases to do away with human errors. Now having touched all spheres of life, we are heading towards the apogee of technical automation through Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Artificial Intelligence, in its core essence, aims at developing “intelligent machines”. Any machine that understands its environment and takes an action to maximise the chance of achieving success and reaching a goal, is the best way to understand how AI works. Self-driving cars, robots, and various types of machine learning software including facial recognition and human speech programs are all classed as different types of Artificial Intelligence.

The recent trends in marketing have shown the emergence of social media as a powerful tool. Social media marketing(SMM) has materialised as an indispensable tool for all businesses and in-turn a number of opportunists have build SMM platforms to provide relevant services. What caught our attention was the vast room for AI in SMM platforms which has the potential to change the game of Social Media Marketing, the way it would enable businesses to reach their customers and potential customers:

  1. Knowledge Discovery Based Content Recommendation: Using deep learning based models to scrap the web and bring in relevant articles, videos and images for the client to share to their social media accounts.
  2. Customer Intelligence: Instead of sharing everything with all customers, the clients should be able to direct the posts to a target audience. This will bring heavy reduction to what might appear “spamming” to a customer, hence they’ll pay more attention to the limited advertising done for them.
  3. Customer Service: Making it easier for customers to reach the business for any concern. One good implementation would be a self-learning chatbot.
  4. Influencer Marketing: It’s imperative that brands have complete awareness of how they associate with certain influencers. The influencer should have an image which goes in coherence with the business’ DNA. This calls for a predictive algorithm which ensures the influencer fits in the brand’s unique characteristics, personality and goals.
  5. Content Optimisation: A review of which post received what kind of attention and accordingly schedule future posts and promote current posts.
  6. Intelligent CRM Tools: CRM data is usually full of insights into consumer opinions about products of a brand. NLP techniques such as semantic analysis can help brands understand those insights and thereby give them opportunities for a higher level of consumer satisfaction.

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