Tutorial: How to decide a good topic for your Smooper Consultation

Tutorial: How to decide a good topic for your Smooper Consultation

At Smooper, we are changing the way marketers market themselves. We’re building a community of expert marketers who realise that marketing is not just about selling your services but also building trustful relationships with your target market. If you’re about to start your Smooper journey, you might want suggestions on how to select a topic for your service to help people. Read along to understand what is the idea of a service and get some sample topics to choose from or modify.

What is a service?

A service is meant to ‘help’ (serve) your target market. It usually takes place as a consultation call on the platform of your choice like Skype, Whatsapp or Hangout Services are searchable and people can ‘book’ time with you for a specific service.

A good service topic

Services are only visible if they are approved. To make sure that they get approved quickly, follow these guidelines of creating a ‘good’ topic. Your service should:

  1. Help people with a specific problem
  2. Not hard-sell yourself
  3. Not be job or a gig
  4. Have enough information on how it’ll take place

Read the examples below to understand what kinds of services get approved, you can also check existing services which other users have created by clicking here.

Good Service

Services which don’t get approved

To maintain the quality of services and experts listed on Smooper. Services that hard-sell or are incomplete do not get approved and are not visible to the platform. See the examples below to understand what are the most common mistakes marketers do when creating a smooper service Bad Service

Pro tip

To generate more leads make sure you complete your profile and add projects to your portfolio. The more information you provide, the more likely are you to get bookings.

At Smooper, we help digital marketers approach lead generation in a helpful and benevolent way. We connect them with small businesses looking for help in digital marketing. If you’re a digital marketer, sign up for Smooper today, it’s absolutely free!

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