Tutorial: How to add projects to your portfolio and build trust

Tutorial: How to add projects to your portfolio and build trust

I’m glad that you’ve realized the reality that hard selling is not really working. Now that you’ve taken a step towards helping others and selling your services along the way, it is very important that you create your portfolio by adding a few projects.

Adding projects to your portfolio will:

  1. Help prospective callers see what you’ve worked with.
  2. Build trust with the users and your prospects.
  3. Get more confirmed bookings.
  4. Ultimately, help you with more leads!

How to add a project to your Portfolio

1. Visit https://social.smooper.com and login.
2. Visit Portfolio from the navigation bar:

Open portfolio

3. Click on the ‘Add new project’ button on the top right under your photograph:

Add new project

5. Enter a good title, description, an optional URL:

Enter details of the Project

6. Add some images or screenshots of your project and click ‘Save & Close’:

Add Images to Project

7. Add as many as possible, they can all be edited or disabled:


8. Others can see your projects in the ‘Portfolio’ section of your Public Page:

Portfolio tab in Public Page

Yay! You’ve now understood how to add projects, now visit your portfolio page and add a few projects to make full use of Smooper.

If you are a digital marketer and have not yet registered with Smooper, don’t miss all the excitement and visit Smooper for Experts now!

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