10 different ways to share links on Instagram

Adding links in Instagram is a pain for users, the platform still doesn’t allow us to add links directly to posts, even if we add a URL it is not clickable. Perhaps the main reason behind this is that they do not want you to take your followers off Instagram. Another reason behind this is to keep spammers at bay. If posts were full of links then spammers would have an opportunity to keep posting random links with content that is not meaningful. Though it’s doing the trick and keeping spammer at bay, it frustrates genuine marketers a lot. So, in the blog, let’s discuss what are the possible ways we can share as many links on Instagram while making use of all it’s features without violating its terms of service.

1. Profile bio

Your profile bio is a very important real estate for your Instagram account and improving your bio is also one of the first strategy to get more followers. In 150 words you need to explain your business idea and make users want to follow you. Thankfully we have a “website” option in the profile settings where we can add a link to our page. Because the link is displayed after the 150 character text, try to write something like “Click the link below” to make it nicer.

Money can’t buy everything but it can definitely buy links on Instagram. When you create a promotion then Instagram asks you “Where do you want to send the people?”. If you select “Your Website” you can ad links to your posts and stories with different CTA Actions like Learn More, Book Now, Apply Now etc. These come up like sponsored posts with a horizontal bar under them which will redirect users to your website off Instagram.

3. Advertise using Facebook Ads

Similar to promoting your posts or stories, you can use the Facebook Ad Manager to create ads and advertise on Instagram. These advertisements can have direct links to the page you are promoting. If you advertise, you also get all the analysis that’s available with the Facebook Ad Manager.

Link tree allows you to create a page of links. You can then add that page in your bio, like we did in the first step and share that. It is one of the first tools to do this and almost everyone who’s worked with Instagram knows about it. It’s a great way to add many links directly in your profile bio. The good thing about link tree is that it allows you an unlimited number of links in the free version itself! You can also select many different theme options but for a custom theme you need to buy the PRO version. The PRO plan is $6/month and gives a variety of reporting features, removes branding and many more customisation options.

5. Use lnk.bio

Another free software for putting many links just through your bio is lnk.bio. Now this software feels to have a cleaner UI and an option to add individual photographs to the links which is definitely a plus. But the PRO plan for lnk.bio is much cheaper than link tree, that is only $0.99/month

6. Create a landing page using Shortstack or Wix

If you want more customisation, you can use tools like Shortstack or Wix to create landing pages. Add the link to these landing pages directly to your bio. With this, you can creating something like link tree or also have your own lead magnet pages.

7. Add swipe up link to your story

If your account has more than 10k followers then there is a good news for you! You can add links to your stories so that when users swipe up they are directed to your URL. While adding your story you’ll see a link icon, which will only come if you have 10k+ followers, select this icon and add your link.

This is more of a hack than an actual thing, but it is worth sharing because people don’t usually use DMs. Keep a regular watch on your messages and react to users stories to initiate a conversation. When you initiate conversations from your side, make sure to not try and sell your services or promote a link, either add value or ask a question. For example, there are higher chances that you, yourself will reply to a “What’s your specialisation?” then “Will you check this blog out”.

9. Use them in IGTV post descriptions

Because Instagram is trying to ultimately compete with youtube, they want to make users create more and more IGTV videos. As an incentive, you are allowed to add links to the description of your IGTV video. So make full use of that and it can be one of your biggest link sharing strategies on Instagram.

10. Use the CTA buttons on Instagram

This is the last part of advice which I have, business profiles have many CTA buttons they can use. Even if these are not direct links to your website, they are still links in a more ‘controlled’ manner which will tell your audience more about your product or services.

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