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5 trusted techniques to improve re-targeting ad experiences

“The key to re-targeting success is audience segmentation”

10 different ways to share links on Instagram

Adding links in Instagram is a pain for users, the platform still doesn’t allow us to add links directly to posts, even if we add a URL it is not...

How to generate leads in 2019 using the farmer's method

Lead Generation is the ‘initiation of consumer interest’ which means it’s the first step to acquiring new customers.

From tech to marketing in 365 days as a startup founder

I’m currently the founder of Smooper, we connect you for 1 on 1 consultation with digital marketing experts around the globe. This isn’t yet another blog where a startup founder...

Things you can learn from 15 expert digital marketer interviews

Digital marketing is not just promoting a website on Google, managing Facebook pages or running ads. Good marketers have the right mix of technical skills and creative streak. Most importantly,...