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Aspects of efficient social media management

Social media managers often aim at accomplishing a range of goals for their clients’ social media handles. From growing awareness to converting audience into email subscribers, and potential customers into...

Your favourite Social Media Management tools to skyrocket your business!

This post was originally published on Medium a few weeks back. Here we talk about popular social media tools and how can they help you

Getting less engagement on Twitter?

Try out these 5 Twitter marketing strategies and double your engagement now!

Netflix and Chill — Will it last?

Netflix did things to the entertainment world which was beyond our imagination. The video on demand giant wiped our conventional one week one episode concept. No commercials. Original content by...

4 supreme reasons why building an online community is important!

“Communication leads to COMMUNITY, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing” — Rollo May!!

The expectation from a social media manager

This blog was originally written as an answer to a similar question on Quora and we thought it would be great to write a short post about the same.